Values & Guiding Principles

Our Values:

  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Passion


Our Guiding Principles:

The core principles that guide NERCHA as it executes its mandate of coordination and management of the national response are:

  • National Coverage: HIV and AIDS is a generalized epidemic in Swaziland and therefore services have to be provided at national scale.
  • Use of local solutions: The answer to winning the battle shall come from within the country.
  • Equity: In providing services we look at the demand and address that fairly.
  • Use of Existing structures: We have to work within what is known so that the limited resources are spent on delivery of services.
  • Community Driven interventions: it is important that the communities are involved in the planning and implementation interventions to respond to the epidemic.
  • Sustainability: At all times we have to consider that interventions will be sustained at all times. When the much needed external resources are limited, all partners have to continue supporting HIV and AIDS interventions.
  • Mainstreaming: We have to make sure that all partners and stakeholders make HIV and AIDS a core component of their business and work, including the day to day activities.