The Extended national multisectoral HIV and AIDS framework (eNSF) 2014-2018

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The Extended National Strategic Framework (eNSF) for HIV and AIDS (2014-2018) is a five-year multisectoral decentralised HIV/AIDS plan for Swaziland. In 2011, the Government of Swaziland commissioned a Joint Mid-Term Review of the National Strategic Framework (NSF) for HIV/AIDS (2009-2014).

The review outcomes indicated that the NSF strategies are still relevant to the current context of the epidemic. This influenced the Government of Swaziland to opt for an extension of the current NSF for another five-year period from 2014-2018. The extension of the eNSF adopts “investing for results” thinking. It also incorporates commitments to the 2011 UN Political Declaration for HIV and AIDS as well as the 2013 WHO Treatment Guidelines.

With the shifting global paradigm of the HIV/AIDS response and the impact of the global economic crisis, investment thinking has become a pre-requisite to all planning in the country. While demands and need for funding have risen, the availability of funds for HIV and AIDS has declined, globally. As funding priorities shift, increased demand for efficiencies in programming and service delivery is central to a strong response.